News Category: Ski Jumping & Jump Competitions

Bennett McCulloch, GNA’s junior ski jumper, medals at All Hills Jump Competition

GNA would like to congratulate our junior ski jumper, Bennett McCulloch for his second-place finish during the January 30th All Hills Jump Competition put on by the Lebanon Outing Club at Storrs Hill. … Read More 

GNA Recognizes 2019–20 Junior Jumpers, Alex Beck, Sarah Beck, Braden Van Hirtum, and Riley Van Hirtum—and Announces the Postponement of the 2020–21 Jumping Program

GNA Congratulates our 2019–2020 jumpers and makes the difficult decision to postpone the 2020-2021 jumping program to next season. … Read More 

GNA Jumping Program Recap for 2019–2020 Season

Our jumping season went well this year! In early November, our team of four brave athletes started practice sessions with balance and strength training. … Read More 

Lisa Kling is the heart and soul of jumping

“She gave us basic form and instruction, while having our safety at the forefront of her mission. When we were ready to jump, we had the confidence and skill to drop in and lift off.” … Read More 

The Resurgence of the GNA Jumping Program

Ski jumping is alive and well in central New Hampshire! We kicked off the 2016 GNA youth ski jumping program last December with 2 new jumpers, Phoenix and Laslo Beaulieu, age 7 to 9. Both had never jumped before and they excelled very fast. … Read More