Weekly Schedule

If you have any questions, contact Nina at 603.630.5487 (cell).
For current snow conditions, please visit Gunstock’s Nordic Conditions page.

Week of June 17 – June 23, 2024. Due to the heat, morning practices on Wednesday and Thursday will begin at 7 am!

Day Time Location Details
Monday     DAY OFF
Tuesday 8am
Run 20min, dryland set of Jumps, skiwalking with poles 3x7min L3, (jog 4min rest)
Run 20min Core strength W2D1
Wednesday 7am Steele H Rd Skate R/S 2h15 (15min nopoles+15min V2}2sets)
Thursday 7am
Run, agility, jumps, skierg, dryland, 
Bike OYO 1h, after stretch well 20min
Friday 8am Gunstock Run 30min, core strength W2D2
Saturday 8am
RT 11D
Classic 2h d/pole 2x20min 
Bike 1h or jog 45min and stretch 20min well after 
Sunday 8am Steele HillRd Skate LD 3h


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Trouble Finding Us?

The new place for roller skiing is at Steele Hill Rd / Mountain View Church

Rollerskiing: Old Route 11/Route 11D in Alton
Uphill roller skiing: Alton Mountain Road in Alton

The complete race schedule can be viewed on the NENSA website